Weird smells of Jackson Prep

From Issue 7

If you’ve been walking through the halls of Jackson Prep lately you might have noticed a peculiar stench. 

What is this strange smell? Desperation? Despair? Or maybe something positive that also stinks? 

On some days, the smell of formaldehyde pours in from the Guyton building after one of the classes dissects something. Other days, you can smell the popcorn Ms. Headley makes for her advisory. 

However, the scent we are referring to is one that is prevalent every day. It is theorized by Jackson Prep experts that the strange stench is the result of the abominable amalgamation of various scented candles put out by teachers. However, none of the scientific studies have provided conclusive evidence. 

The nose knows. Illustration by Neil Marchetti.

Another popular theory is that the smell comes from a single rogue student who has made it their goal to spread weird smells throughout the school. This hypothetical student is referred to as “Sniff”.

The final and most conclusive theory is that the stench comes from all the various smells of the vapes in the boys’ bathrooms. 

None of these theories are completely proven, but we felt it was necessary to explore the sources of the undeniable smell of Jackson Prep.