Précis: what goes on behind the scenes

From Issue 7

The 2018 yearbook. Photo by Ainsley O’Quinn.

The yearbook staff, also known as Précis, does much more than students probably know. Every person on the Précis staff is assigned numerous pages at the beginning of the school year and are also assigned a partner with every page they are given to complete. These two people work together to lay out the page, get quotes, conduct interviews, and come up with captions that go along with the theme of the yearbook. These pages have deadlines that staffers must meet throughout the year. After the page is completed, the editors and Ms. Anna Griffin edit the page. 

The Précis staff works very closely with their publishing representative, EJ Creel. EJ Creel works for Herff Jones. Herff Jones is a yearbook publishing company that prints the books, finalizes the yearbook, and gives helpful criticism. Creel gives the staff members helpful advice on how to make the yearbook better. 

This year the editors are Abigail Pittman, Eliza Burnham, and Georgia Perkins. Abigail Pittman is the editor-in-chief, Eliza Burnham is the co-editor, and Georgia Perkins is the photography editor. This is Ms. Griffin’s eleventh year sponsoring the yearbook staff.

You are now probably wondering what the theme of the yearbook is, but you will not be able to find out until next year when you receive your yearbook. 

Not only do staff members layout pages, but they also take pictures throughout the year. Photo assignments are assigned during the year. Pictures for photo assignments come from athletics, student life, clubs, and other events that take place at Prep. The Précis staff also puts on the annual Précis Pageant where seniors are given their awards. Each year, a senior and junior are in charge of the Précis Pageant. The Précis staff puts a lot of hard work and effort into making this award ceremony special for the seniors.