Latin Students Toga Up and Solve a Mystery

On March 4th, the Latin III students dressed up for another mystery dinner. Students arrived in the MPR during class to act out a story about a trial from their Latin Cambridge book, but with a Roman twist of murder.

The dinner went as follows: first off, the students showed up and received letters about their missions. Their missions consisted of talking to another character to gain information for solving the mystery. Then, the trial started. One student sat in the middle of the room while several of the students used their newly gained information as evidence in the trial. Halfway through the trial, the lights flickered and the character who was on trial was “murdered.” Students were now given more letters with information to solve the mystery. The students had to bribe and trick other students for information to solve the mystery. In the end, the murderer was caught, and the students all went away safely.

Junior David Crews commented that the dinner party “was fun” with many students agreeing that it was a fun way of acting out their Latin translation. Although, contrary to the last time the Latin students had a mystery dinner, this dinner was described as “organized chaos” according to junior Hannah Grace Biggs.

Latin students discuss the evidence. Photo by Joseph Watts