International Day brings the world to Lakeland Drive

International Day is one of Prep students’ favorite days of the year. This year’s International Day was held on Wednesday, April 3.

It is a day where different language classes set up booths in the gym that have interactive games, food, and displays. For example, this year the Chinese booth had a game where students had to memorize a Chinese symbol and draw it and they could get a piece of candy. Eating the different foreign candies is one of students’ favorite parts.  

Outside on Patriot Avenue, students set up “gladiator fights” where participants had balloons around their ankles and hit each other with bats just like the gladiators did in Rome.

In Fortenberry Theatre, the Mexican-themed Disney movie Coco in Spanish was shown for seventh graders. Between the McRae Center and the Senior High, students had a Frida Kahlo booth where they could make flower crowns and have unibrows drawn on them like the famous Mexican artist. On top of all that, the cafeteria served fun international food options.

International Day is organized by the language department but more specifically by the Spanish II teacher, Ms. Katie Luckey, who said, “I like International Day because it introduces students to new cultures and experiences in a fun and interactive way.”