MOVIE REVIEW: Shazam! leaps skyward but falls a little short

DC’s newest release Shazam! tells the story of 14-year-old Billy Batson who searches for his long lost mother and winds up at a foster home with a set of all new powers that he can conjure with the shouting of one simple word, Shazam.

Billy bounces from foster home to foster home, eventually landing at one with a roommate named Freddy who’s absolutely mesmerized by superheroes.  When Billy receives his superpowers, he trusts his superhero-loving roommate to help him, from discovering the limit to his powers to stopping Billy’s first supervillain.

The overall plot of the movie sounded good, but the producers tried to fit too much content into two hours, which seems like a lot for a movie.  With this overcrowding of content, the story very easily became hard to follow and difficult to understand.

This overpopulation of important content began in the beginning of the movie, making it challenging to comprehend from the opening.  Along with the over clutter of unnecessary information, there were a few portions of the movie that I felt were not crucial to the character’s development, making it even more hectic.With the movie going into two extremely different character’s flashbacks, not knowing who’s flashback is who’s, the plot becomes a little lost and very hard to track down again.  

The graphics and overall acting in the film was spectacular, and the concept of the plot is good in theory, just very difficult to execute in one movie.