ALBUM REVIEW: Khalid’s latest hits the mark

From Issue 9

ALBUM REVIEW: Khalids latest hits the mark

Khalid came out with his second album, Free Spirit, on April 5, 2019, through RCA Records. There are currently 17 songs in his new album. This album includes his first EP Suncity, which has some hit singles such as “Better” and “Saturday Nights”. Two days before the album’s release, fans had the opportunity to hear the album by watching the Free Spirit short film in certain cinemas on April 3rd.

Khalid’s last album was American Teen, which was a coming of age album, but with Free Spirit, he took a whole different approach. The album’s leading single was “Talk,” which was released a little bit before the whole album so fans could get a taste of what was coming. The album’s name, cover, and the release date was announced alongside the release of “My Bad,” with the album’s third single, “Self,” releasing a week before the album’s release. His last pre-release was “Don’t Pretend,” which is about how Khalid has a desire for a love interest. Other songs that came out when the whole album came out are “Intro,” “Alive,” “Heaven,” “Outta My Head,” “Bad Luck,” and “Hundred.”

Free Spirit sometimes shows an overproduced pop melody, such as his song “Intro,” which is a little big and cheesy. The album is 17 songs long, and half of the songs dealt with love. Free Spirit is much like American Teen, such as having numbers of songs that are worth playing over and over again. Unlike American Teen, there are some times when Free Spirit sounds a little boring at some points. This is still a great album, and I recommend everyone to go listen to it.