Student artist wins again with unique dress

From Issue 9


Mary Noble Howard has proved that artistic inspiration can come from the unlikeliest places.  

Last year, the Prep junio won the Project Rezway competition last year with her dress made of Mindprints magazine pages.  Her inspiration for that dress came from her experiences as the editor of the magazine and her fellow members of the magazine staff.  She titled it “We Wear Our Words” got her sister to model her dress for Project Rezway.  

This year, Mary Noble made a dress out of McDonald’s receipts from her grandfather’s breakfast club.  (The breakfast club meets everyday, so she definitely had enough receipts for her dress.)  

With this endeavor, she doubled her work time from the previous year, putting in roughly 200 hours on the receipt dress.

With this receipt dress,  entitled “Can’t Buy My Love,” Mary Noble won Project Rezway again this year.