Exam stress plagues students

From Issue 10


Stewart McCullough

Sophomore Camp Carter falls to the pressure of exams, holding his history binder over his head in defeat.

As the school year comes to an end, we all know that only one thing stands between us and summer: exams. It is arguably one of the worst parts of the year since we have to attempt to remember everything that was went over during the semester. 

Unless you are a senior in your spring semester and not taking any AP classes, you have to take exams. As some people pull all-nighters and cram at the last minute to remember some information, there are many strategies to help relieve the stress.

One thing that you can do is study for a period of time, then take a break. These breaks allow you to rest for a period of time before studying again. Maybe watch a TV show or listen to music for a while to relax. Through breaks and other fun activities, you can help relieve some of exam stress. 

Brady Winscott, a tenth grader, says the he “eats, a lot” to deal with his exam stress. Also, Walker Poole, a ninth grader, says, “I listen to music and watch Spongebob to relieve stress.” 

There are a few ways of avoiding the stress that comes with exams, and one of these is to prepare early so that you go into the exam feeling comfortable with the material. Exams are inevitable, so you might as well prepare for them. The reason why preparation before the exam allows your brain to remember more information is because you have more time to process it. 

Also, another tip is to not pull all-nighters for a few nights in a row to study. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation actually hurt your brain’s ability to function. A well-rested brain is more able to remember facts, formulas, and other information. It is ok to do it once or twice, but it is not healthy to make it a habit.

According to Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, Inc., all nighters lead to a weaker immune system. Also, during sleep, the brain converts short-term memory into long-term memory. Also, you tend to eat more unhealthy foods and are impulsive and emotional. This study shows how negatively staying up all night affects your health.  

Just remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel: summer break. Finish strong and have a great summer!