Scouting a positive experience for many Prep boys


Recent Eagle recipients Gibson Brown, Walker Box, Jack Harvey, Andy Brown, Charlie Barbour, and Bennett Herring. 

Eagle Scouts from the Class of 2019

The Boy Scouts of America’s highest attainable rank is Eagle Scout. This year many Prep students from multiple troops finally reached this long-sought achievement.  Obtaining the rank of Eagle is a long, hard task. In order to become an Eagle Scout, one must obtain 21+ merit badges, lead a non-profit community service project, and complete all the other lower ranks in scouting, including Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life.

A Boy Scout Troop is a unit of a number of patrols that ranges anywhere between 6 and several dozen. The troops have periodic meetings that are run by adult Scout known as the patrol leader. Troop 8 from First Baptist Church of Jackson had their court of honor on February 3. A court of honor is a formal ceremony with families, friends, and others to recognize the boys who have moved up in rank or who have earned any new merit badges.

Three freshmen, Mont Mitchell, Charlie Hight, and Logan Huff, and one senior, Jonathan Booker, received their eagle status at this event. In Charlie Hight’s speech he said, “For the past 4 years, Scouts has been a huge part of my life, from the meetings on Monday nights to the campouts on the weekends. If I had not done Scouts, I can promise you that I would never be as comfortable talking in front of everybody as I am today.”  

In addition to Jonathan Booker, many other Prep seniors have achieved their Eagle before leaving the nest for college. From Troop 1 at St. James Episcopal Church Prep seniors Will Fletcher, Dixon Hughes, and Grant Hughes were celebrated at their court of honors in December. Emory Maxwell from Troop 18 at First Presbyterian Church also received the honor this year. In previous years the following seniors have become Eagle Scouts along with many other Prep students: Alex Turner, Thad Crawford, John Louis Black, David Purvis, Tripp Cory, Andrew Wasson, James Threadgill, Will Jones, Hughes McHenry, John Garrett Walters, Travis Hudgens, Stewart McCullough,  Neil Marchetti, Robert Jordan, Emory Maxwell and Parkman Speights.