New Teacher Profile: Sarah Atkinson

Writing has always been one of Ms. Sarah Atkinson’s hobbies.  Not only did she use her talent of writing as a freelance editor, but she is the current sophomore honors English teacher at Jackson Prep.  

Elizabeth Kellum
Maggie Boswell and Ms. Sarah Atkinson in Ms. Atkinson’s senior high classroom.

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Ms. Atkinson moved all around the country as an adolescent.  During most of her teenage years she lived in Columbia, South Carolina; however, she graduated high school in Mission, Texas.  

Ms. Atkinson said that out of all the cities she has lived in, Los Angeles, California is her favorite.  While living there, she had easy access to the mountains, beaches, and Disneyland. 

At the University of Mississippi, she met her husband, Mike, who graduated from Prep in 1991.  They lived in Jackson while Mike was in medical school and moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee for his residency. After Dr. Atkinson’s residency was completed, they returned to Mississippi.

 Ms. Atkinson was a kindergarten teacher at Presbyterian Christian School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  She never thought she would be a kindergarten teacher. Her favorite part of teaching kindergarteners was watching the children put the pieces of learning together.  

While in Hattiesburg, Ms. Atkinson began freelance editing after a friend asked her to help him write a book about his accomplishments.  The process of publishing the book was very difficult, but Ms. Atkinson said that she learned a lot, noting that, “everybody has a great story to tell, you just have to get it out.”  She greatly enjoyed “helping people get their stories out” and her favorite genre was autobiographies.  

Ms. Atkinson has three children.  The oldest is a sophomore at the University of Mississippi, while her two other children are at Jackson Prep.  Ben is a junior, and Gracie is a freshman. Ms. Atkinson greatly enjoys watching them compete in sports. She said that it is “thrilling for a parent to watch their kid do what they want to do.”