Précis reveals long-awaited annual

From Issue 2

Précis released the latest edition of the yearbook on the 16th of August to all of last year’s students. Ms. Anna Griffin, the Précis sponsor, was pleased with how the yearbook came together and is very proud of how hard the staff worked on this issue.

Ms. Griffin said that “our biggest satisfaction as a staff is watching people excitedly flip through the yearbook and enjoying it. Few realize how much goes into making a yearbook and how hard the staff worked.”

Herff Jones, the distributor of the book, printed about 900 copies for the Précis staff to distribute. The leftovers were then used for different things, such as entry to the Mississippi Scholastic Press competitions. The yearbooks were distributed the morning of the field trip that many students took to see Justice Sonia Sotomayer, so they were handed out in the morning instead of during activity period on Patriot Avenue like in years past.

The staff worked very hard all year and even into the summer to get the yearbook ready to be sent off to printers on June 14. Even senior members of the staff that had already graduated stayed late into the summer to work on the yearbook before they went off to college.

“Putting together the yearbook is a very rewarding experience despite the hard work,” said Jane Gray Barbour, a Précis staff member. The staff has already begun working on next year’s issue, for which they have yet to decide on a theme.