Adjustment to school schedule brings longer activity period

From Issue 3

In response to students and teachers, the school is taking 5 minutes from junior high lunch and 5 mins from senior high lunch to make a 32 minute activity period in the morning. 

In the senior high, the students will use this time as an activity period, and in the junior high, the students will use this time as a directed study.  Additionally, in the junior high, the students will still have advisory on Mondays and Wednesdays in the mornings; however, the advisory will still be the same length as it is now, with the students being released to go to lunch once advisory is complete.   

This change to the daily schedule will occur on Monday, October 21. However, this change will only affect the normal daily schedule and will not carry over onto the other schedules, such as the 12:30 dismissal and forum schedules. 

The schedule changed this school year as the junior high was moved to the rotating schedule, and the activity period timing had to be adapted to prevent any pressure on the dining commons and accommodate the junior high athletic periods, such as basketball, which meet during the day. However, after this first term, it became apparent that the morning activity period was too short for the students. 

The hope of the administration is that the change will allow the students to be more productive during this longer activity period and get more done during the day.