Who’s playing those hallway tunes? It’s your Patriot Man

From Issue 4

The Patriot Man is a very important role in the Jackson Prep experience. Senior Ben Johnson has been our Patriot Man for 3 years now; he wasn’t so sure about signing up at first. His freshman year at Prep he was in an art class, and all the girls were begging him to sign up for the job. He told them that if they would fill out the paperwork he would sign up. The next thing Ben knew, the paperwork was done, and he was accepted for the job. Looking back on that deci- sion, Ben is so thankful to that art class for forcing him to sign up. “I have really enjoyed having the honor of being the Patriot Man.”

Patriot Man Ben Johnson holding up his speaker. Photo by staff.

His favorite part about being the Patriot Man is hyping up the students and football players on game day. A part of his way to hype up the students and players is playing music in the halls between classes and during breaks. The students seem to love that he does this. They say it makes school more fun and makes it easier to go from class to class. The teachers, on the other hand, will sometimes tell Ben to change the song or that the music is too loud, but Ben thinks they secretly like the music too.

Being the Patriot Man comes with responsibilities. “When I became the Patriot Man, I knew that I had to set a good example for Jackson Prep,” Ben said. He knew that he had to be a role model for the students of Jackson Prep and represent them with integrity.