Prep stars in MAIS All-Star Game

From Issue 5

Reed Kellum prepares for the upcoming play.

Reed Kellum prepares for the upcoming play.

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At the end of every football season, the coaches in the MAIS vote on the best Senior players from each conference to participate in the All Star game. Every player takes the week off of school to practice for the game. They stay in a hotel and room with players from other schools.

Reed Kellum prepares for the upcoming play.

Prep’s all star players were Defensive Ends Reed Kellum and JC Polk, Defensive Tackle Holmes Maley, and Offensive Lineman Caleb Gay and Peyton Dunn. Some notable players there were 4 star Offensive Lineman Eli Acker, 3 star Athlete Rico Dorsey, and JA kicker Land Gebhart. When asked about the week, Caleb Gay said “My favorite part of the week was meeting new players and learning more about football”.

The teams were drafted, and as a result Peyton Dunn was the only Prep player on the white team. The white team took a first half lead, then Holmes Maley said the blue team “changed gears after the first half”. The Blue team came back and took the lead with a minute left. When the white team got the ball, White team and former MRA quarterback Philip Short threw an interception that clinched the blue team game. All Prep players involved were well deserving of the nomination, and they all had the experience of a lifetime.