Seniors scoot out of school sooner

From Issue 6


Selby Ireland

Senior Jimmy Underwood is outta here, courtesy of “senior out.”

Photo courtesy of Elena Zouboukos
Senior girls out and about before school is over…legally!

For the second semester of the 2019/2020 school year, seniors at Prep have had the option to participate in “senior out.” This means that during the fixed carrier at the end of every day, seniors don’t have to be signed up for a class. Instead of sitting in a drawing class or study hall that they don’t need the credit for, seniors can enjoy an extra forty-five minutes of their day to rest, do homework, or do other things. 

To participate in senior out, a senior must miss no more than three class periods of their fixed carrier during the first semester. Other than this, there are no other requirements, which makes it easy to partake in. 

This is the first year senior out has been available for seniors at Jackson Prep, and many underclassmen look forward to participating in it in the future. Sophomore Lilly Grace Sites said she “would love the opportunity because it’s a really nice extra time after school to have.” Other sophomore Maggie Boswell said, “I look forward to potentially having a senior out when I’m a senior.”  

For the upcoming seniors of the 2020/2021 school year, senior out will be available the entire year, not just the second semester. In addition, there will be no requirements to participate in senior out, as long as the senior has all the credit they need to graduate. 

Many seniors enjoy having this early dismissal. When asked what she thought about senior out, senior Campbell Perkins said, “It’s nice to have senior out especially when you have a sport after, so you have a little time to clear your head and get homework done.” Senior Allie Wise also said, “Senior out will also be really helpful when basketball ends because I could use that time to get a job.” Other senior Julia Zoubokous also said, “It’s amazing,” and claims it “makes my school hours seem to be shorter even though there not really that much shorter.” This goes to show that an extra forty five minutes is very beneficial, even though it’s not a long amount of time.