Pacers perform at Disney

From Issue 6


Sophomore and junior Pacers stand in front of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Pacers

This January, the Jackson Prep Pacers had a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform in Disney Springs. They departed for Orlando on a Wednesday in their matching t-shirts excited to experience the magic of Disney. Before departing on Wednesday, the Pacers had to perfect their dance. The average Pacer dance is 3 minutes, but the criteria for Disney required them to have a fifteen minute performance. Mary Virginia, Mary Pettey, and Alice Ann spent weeks preparing dance moves and mashing music together for this performance. The Pacers worked all week perfecting the dance in order to impress the visitors of Disney Springs. 

Upon arrival, Pacers checked into Disney’s Port Orleans Resort and were divided into rooms based upon requests. They were given the opportunity to use their park hopper passes for all the days they were there. The only requirement was that they must travel in groups, including one adult. Adults there included Pacer sponsor Christina Jackson, Kimberly Van Uden, and volunteer Pacer moms. 

Pacer Olivia Moore said, “Disney was so much fun because it was my first time to go with friends. I think it was a really great bonding experience for all of us.” 

Disney was an incredible opportunity to further their dancing careers and further their friendships within the team.