Students to tour Ole Miss and Mississippi State

Students to tour Ole Miss and Mississippi State

This spring, Jackson Prep will facilitate two college tour visits: one to Mississippi State and another to Ole Miss. However, many of these details are still subject to change due to scheduling issues, and the final details will be posted once everything is finalized between these two universities and the college counseling office of Jackson Prep. 

The trip to Ole Miss will be a full day of learning about the academic opportunities that the University of Mississippi provides. Ms. Megan Thomas, the Assistant Director of Admissions at Ole Miss, looks forward to hosting the junior class at the campus of the university. 

The date of this trip is forthcoming as Ms. Thomas works with both the “campus visit staff and Jackson Prep’s Department of College Counseling to find the best date for the visit.” This trip will include many events that will give Jackson Prep students a greater insight into the campus and the university overall.

This trip will provide an “in-depth look at Ole Miss, including an overview of our academic offerings, tours of campus and facilities, and interaction with current UM students.” This trip will be a great tool for the juniors of Jackson Prep as the Class of 2021 begins to look for the steps that will follow after graduation at Jackson Prep. 

Ms. Thomas would also like to state that she, along with the university, “are appreciative of the Jackson Prep administration in allowing us this opportunity and can’t wait to see everyone on campus this spring.”

The Mississippi State tour, which will also take place this spring, looks like it will be on March 25th at this time. This will be a time for the juniors of Jackson Prep to look at the many options provided by Mississippi State University, such as its well-known agricultural program. 

Also, Mississippi State is popular for its engineering program, so prospective engineering students may want to look further into that program during the tour. This tour will provide an opportunity for students to see the campus and ask questions that will allow a further insight into both that university and what they want in a college experience in general. Both of these tours will occur during a week day, which shows how much the school values these trips.  

Both of these great schools offer many different opportunities for prospective students, so it is great that Jackson Prep gives students the chance to look at both of these schools this spring.