OPINION: 2020 Election – Your “moderate” candidates

From Issue 7

OPINION: 2020 Election - Your moderate candidates

The 2020 elections are officially underway, and, finally, the Democratic presidential field has narrowed down the candidates to the single digits. Differences between the candidates have become clearer and clearer, but does it really even matter? The current field has been known to flip-flop on their stances on crucial issues, and, while some are described by the media as “moderates”, their records tell very different stories.

Every single Democrat running for president supports abortions up to birth, forcefully taking away guns from law-abiding citizens while threatening criminal penalities against them if they do not abide, and government paid for healthcare for illegal immigrants, further deligitimizing our immigration laws. None of these ideas are moderate.

When America has gotten to the point of calling Joe Biden a moderate, we are in big trouble.The Obama-Biden record is radical, and we cannot ignore some of its biggest failures, including the slowest economic recovery since World War II, caging migrant children on the border (a practice the Trump administration ended), and engaging in a quid pro quo to get a prosecutor fired who was investigating a corrupt Ukrainian gas company where Joe Biden’s son was employed despite having no qualifications besides his last name. When the Obama Administration rarely did something right, such as killing Osama Bin Laden, Joe Biden was against it.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, who is often named as the most moderate candidate, is nowhere even close to fitting that role. She was a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, which would cost $93 trillion, and would raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, costing people jobs and killing the booming Trump economy. To give Klobuchar some credit, at least she does not want to raise the minimum wage as high as her competitor Tom Steyer, who says it should be $22 per hour. At this rate, let’s raise it to $50 per hour. Actually, no, $100 per hour. There is one thing that both Tom Steyer and Amy Klobuchar do have in common: not knowing the name of or anything about the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, one of the most important world leaders in our hemisphere. They both seem to be well qualified and prepared to lead our foreign policy.

Mike Bloomberg might be the biggest fraud in the entire presidential race. Just like Mitt Romney, Bloomberg goes back and forth on issues to find what is most convenient for his political career. Bloomberg has a history of being sexist in his businesses and being a racist as mayor. He spearheaded the “stop and frisk” policy that allowed police to randomly search people. Bloomberg knew this policy disproportionately targeted black and brown people, yet he still defended it as late as 2015. He coincidentally apologized for this policy just as he decided to run for president. Bloomberg, who stands on a box to appear taller at campaign events, will have to learn the hard way that throwing money at a presidential race does not create genuine and enthusiastic support.

“Moderate” Pete Buttigieg went from supporting Medicare for All to supporting “Medicare for All Who Want It”, which is code for Medicare for All. Do not be fooled; when these candidates say that they want to create an optional government healthcare option, they have one goal in mind: making a pathway for the eventual mandatory government-run healthcare. Buttigieg’s website says “[Medicare for All Who Want It] will create a natural glide-path to Medicare for All.” The moderates want healthcare that is run by the same people who were responsible for the disastrous Iowa caucuses and the slow DMV. To top it all off, Buttigieg wants to pay for his healthcare plan by reversing the successful Trump tax cuts that, despite the mainstream media narrative, have lowered taxes for over 80% of Americans. To make sure that he does not have any checks and balances on him, he plans to pack the Supreme Court, cheating the system.

Senator Elizabeth Warren calls herself a capitalist, but even the Democrats do not consider her a moderate. She wants to forcefully break up companies like Facebook, ensure that her Secretary of Education nominee is confirmed by a transgender child, end the electoral college, and prosecute those who spread “disinformation” online (by disinformation, she means anything that she disagrees with). Speaking of disinformation, Warren is a serial liar. She lied about being a Native American, she lied about how her Medicare for All plan wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class, and she lied about how the Trump economy has produced rising wages, especially for women, minorities, and those at the bottom of the income scale. Elizabeth Warren is right that she has plans, but those plans will bankrupt America and start the process of making us a socialist people.

The Democratic Donkey

The debate over Senator Bernie Sanders is not whether he is a socialist, he already admits that, but over whether he is a communist. Completely socialized government-run healthcare, outright redistribution of wealth, and implementing rent control, all of which completely ignore the basic economic principles of supply and demand, competition, and a free market, are just a few parts of his extreme leftwing agenda. While these promises are said to be free, they are not and will be paid for with taxes higher than ever, not only on the rich but also on hard-working, middle class Americans. Sanders, widely accepted as the most radical nominee, is the new frontrunner. He is the embodiment of what the Democratic Party has become: socialist.

While the Democrats struggle over to nominate a radical candidate or a more radical candidate, the truth is that President Donald J. Trump is a proven leader, free market capitalist, and supports common sense ideas from both sides of the aisle. The USMCA will create jobs to boost the already booming economy and had overwhelmingly bipartisan support. The First Step Act, made possible by Jared Kushner, will give prisoners a second chance at life, something the Democrats tried to do but couldn’t for a long time. President Trump has taken steps to end gun violence, such as banning bump stocks, which make regular guns into super powered weapons. The facts are that a majority of Americans do not support giving healthcare to illegal immigrants, according to CNN, while overwhelming majorities support at least some kind of restriction on abortion, according to NPR.

All of the Democratic presidential candidates have all fallen in line with the failed unpopular policies of Bernie Sanders, while President Trump is not afraid to go against his own party or to bring in Democrats and independents to accomplish things never done before for the American people. Just look at the economy. It really is crazy to think that Democrats used to support building a barrier on the southern border, the second amendment, and at least some free market ideas, but now they are in a contest to see who can be the most extreme. Any of the Democrats in the White House would be a disaster for this country, would reject ideas that a majority of Americans agree with, and move us closer than we have ever been to socialism.