Taylor Swift redefines herself in Miss Americana

From Issue 7


Miss Americana gives fans an inside look into Taylor Swift’s life and creative process. The documentary goes through the different stages of Swift’s life as she explains how the major moments affected her and how she copes with fame. Some of the big events the documentary highlights are the whole Kanye situation, her sexual assault trial, and her struggle with an eating disorder.

Swift is known for her vulnerability through her lyrics, but this documentary takes it to a whole other level. She truly gives fans a look into her whole life and what goes on behind the scenes. From old home videos to meetings with her managers, Miss Americana truly shows so much of Swift that fans have never seen before.

Miss Americana shows a few of Swift’s song-writing and recording sessions. I thought that this was such a cool thing to watch because you get to see how she gets an idea for a song and how quickly she writes the lyrics. I thought it was so cool to see how songs come together and to hear her talk about ideas for music videos that eventually became reality. A large part of the documentary deals with Swift’s political views and explains why she decided to speak out about them.

I thought that it was really moving to hear how passionate she is about what she believes in and to hear the backstory. I especially loved how she dealt with covering her relationship with her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Their relationship has always been extremely private, and they kept it that way in the documentary without completely avoiding the topic. While clips of Swift played that Alwyn took, she spoke about their relationship. It was so sweet and such a cute way to cover their relationship without sharing too much.

For hardcore fans like me, this documentary will only make you love Swift more, and, hopefully, it will give everyone a deeper understanding of her. I recommend Miss Americana to everyone because I think, beyond Swift, it covers very important issues in our society and shows the toll cruel words can have on someone. I just think Miss Americana is so important and eye opening, not only to fame and Swift’s life, but also to our political climate.