What Is It? High School Hustle

Photo Illustration by staff
Camp Carter asks the big questions.


Camp Carter
Making that cheddar.

Many highschoolers are faced with a problem of having to pay for their own expenses like gas or food. As unbelievable as it might sound to any outsiders, not all of us have unlimited access to our parents’ bank accounts. Students have to come up with funds to support their interests from places other than their parents, and the task seems daunting at first. School in itself is as time and energy consuming as a job, and taking extra curricular activities into account leaves little time for rest if you want to have one. For those of you that do not wish to waste your weekends and summer flipping burgers, I have gathered some money making alternatives for you. 


•Worm farming is a gross but efficient way to make some money by designing your own worm farm, with the goal of selling your wrigley critters for profit. Money is made by selling the worms themselves to bait shops and fishermen, or the compost created by the worms to gardeners. There is a massive amount of written and video content online detailing how to make an efficient farm for breeding worms for relatively cheap materials you can get at a local hardware store. 

•Poshmark is an app used by many people to sell new or slightly used clothes to other users, and is a place where you can shop for said clothes at cheaper prices than store brands. Closet Instagram accounts are also ways for people to sell their clothes/shoes and it takes advantage of Instagrams massive user base and hash tagging feature which makes searching for specific items easier.

•Streaming games offers a way for a video game player to get money and publicity to publish their streams online on websites like Twitch and YouTube, or can stream live and interact with viewers. Streamers make money through donations, ads, and sponsorships, and with the popularity of video games and streamers like Ninja directly proportional, streaming is an appealing field available to all gamers.

•Redbubble is a website/app that allows users to submit their own artwork to be turned into items such as: stickers, posters, art boards, t-shirts, water bottles and even pins. Redbubble is a great way for any artist to sell their work online and grow their following, and is very easy to create an account and begin submitting your works.