PET PROFILE: Henry Sites

Photo courtesy of Regan Sites
Henry Sites, a cat, in all his glory.

Most “Pet of the Month”  articles (now “Pet Profile”), so far have featured a dog or puppy, well-liked from the Jackson area. The last issue featured Mason Kimball’s bunny. Our newest Pet Profile is Regan Site’s cat, Henry.

Photo courtesy of Regan Sites
Whether on a car or not on a car, there’s only one Henry Sites, and it’s this one. Well, there are probably more Henry Sites in the world, but this one is a cat.

Regan got Henry in 2014 as a Christmas present. The Sites family adopted Henry from a litter of kittens off of Craigslist. Henry is of many mixed breeds but is mostly white with grey spots. Henry is like no ordinary cat, though. 

Henry is on the larger side compared to most cats, partly because he steals the food from many cats in the Reunion neighborhood. Sometimes Henry will even get in fights for more food. At first, He was a bit vicious, but everyone who has met him now loves him greatly. Unlike most cats, Henry gets along with the Sites’ hunting dogs very well. He also does well among large groups of people. During the day Henry likes to relax in the sun, and at night he is considered a night owl.

Regan feels like she has gotten very lucky with adopting such a great cat and encourages others to adopt cats.