Quarantine can’t stifle creativity of Prep students


Flower watercolor by Annie Watkins. Photo courtesy of Annie Watkins

Since everyone is being quarantined at home, they have had to occupy themselves during the time that sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities used to take up. Some people have picked up new artistic hobbies or continued favorites. 

Some of Prep’s more artistic based classes have continued with creativity in their respective mediums. Prep’s pottery class, taught by senior high principal Dr. Luke Nealey, was given clay after Spring Break to create handmade pieces throughout the quarantine. Some have made boxes, mugs, bowls, and other smaller creations.

Dr. Nealey said, “Fortunately, I can still throw at school when I am up here administrating. I have been making more wedding gifts of bowls and casseroles. At home, I have been cooking mostly for creative endeavors.”

Prep’s AP Art class has also continued during the quarantine. They meet twice every three days just like normal, and the students are still painting, drawing, watercolor painting, and creating graphic designs. Senior Thomas Swayze specializes in drawing and painting. His most recent drawing is pictured below.

But many students are choosing to continue to be creative outside of Prep classes. Senior Annie Watkins has painted watercolors throughout quarantine, focusing mainly on the flowers that grow outside her house in the spring. She says, “It helps me wind down after a morning of school. It’s relaxing and takes my mind off of school work”

It’s good to know that quarantine and the coronavirus hasn’t stopped Prep’s students from being creative.

Thomas’s rendition of a man throwing a ball, drawn with an element of the abstract. Photo courtesy of Thomas Swayze.
Swirled mug created by Russ Upton during the quarantine. Photo by Russ Upton.