John Krasinski brings “Some Good News” to you

John Krasinski
Actor John Krasinski has turned his home into the “Some Good News” studio

There’s been a lot of negative news in regard to Covid-19 in the last month, and it seems that’s all we hear about on TV. Thankfully, someone decided to create a positive outlet for anyone to watch and keep up with. For the past four weeks, celebrity John Krasinski (aka Jim from The Office and Jack Ryan from the Jack Ryan series) has been posting episodes he calls “SGN” (some good news) from his home. The title says it all: Krasinski compiles any good news sent to him from all over the country, in the form of videos, interviews, or social media posts), and lets his viewers know what’s good during this sometimes sad and stressful time. 

In his first SGN episode, he talked via FaceTime with a young girl who had just come home from her last chemotherapy treatment. He showed footage of a welcome parade in her neighborhood as she drove to her house (everyone staying 6 feet apart and in cars, of course!). Seeing her priceless reaction and hearing the sweet message was very encouraging!

In Episode 3 of SGN, Krasinski was even able to get the cast of Hamilton from Broadway to perform a song for a little girl who wasn’t able to see them perform live due to Covid-19. Celebrity guests such as Steve Carell, Brad Pitt, and many more have been exciting additions to his episodes!

In his fourth and most recent episode, Krasinski showed clips from his virtual “Prom 2020” that he held on April 17 for all the Seniors (and anyone else that wanted to join) since because of Covid-19, they missed their prom. Featuring the Jonas Brothers, Billie Eilish, and others, it made for a very fun ‘virtual prom!’

Krsinksi’s humor, and the funny videos or heartwarming messages he adds make for positive videos that encourage anyone who watches! Every week he posts a new SGN episode, so make sure to check them out (you can easily access all his episodes on YouTube). If you want to catch up any episodes you’ve missed, here are the links for John’s past videos:

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