School updates year-end plans, graduation ceremony set for July 23

In mid-April, the school gave answers to Prep families on what their plans of action were for the end of the year. At the time there were not as many details due to the uncertainty; now we have a better understanding of what to expect this summer. 

The administration decided to set an official date for graduation, which will be held on July 23. The plans may be impacted by the social distance rules, but the school hopes to have the graduation ceremony at Thalia Mara Hall and have the experience of graduation as intact as possible. Diplomas will be officially conferred on May 21st, but, unless students have a special need, the school isn’t distributing the actual documents until graduation. More updates on graduation are available at  

The last day of school for seniors is May 6th with their virtual Class Day broadcasted on on May 8th and all other grades will finish on May 12th. Senior book returns will be May 7th and 6-11th graders on May 13-14.  Report cards will be posted online on June 5th.

On April 28th, the MAIS made their final decision to cancel the rest of the 2020 spring sports season. Sports affected included track, baseball, tennis, and golf. 

Information about try-outs for dance teams and cheer have been sent to the students who are interested in participating, but the audition procedure for show choir has not yet been decided.

Due to the pandemic canceling numerous summer plans for students, Prep decided to expand their opportunities for summer school. Besides a variety of more classes, Prep includes a new program called PREPparing which gives 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders the chance to take summer school.