Précis at work documenting a Prep year like no other

Meeting via Zoom, the Précis staff works on the yearbook documenting this year.

Despite the chaos due to the coronavirus, the Précis staff is continuing to fill in the pages of the yearbook. They are working to the best of their ability to find content and keep the yearbook interesting. 

I reached out to a few of the staff members to see how they were going to work with the current situation and they gave some positive feedback. Havens Smith said, “We are trying to be as creative as we  can and come up with fun new pages to fill in the old ones we can’t do anymore.” Along with this, Meg Branning said, “The yearbook will have the same amount of pages as last year, just with different content.” 

It’s possible that the theme of the most recent issue of Précis, “It’s time to change things up,” may have been more predictive than the staff knew

Paige Case said, “A few of our pages need to be moved around so that our spreads focus on what we have instead of what we don’t. We are also emailing and asking for pictures people have taken to add to the yearbook.” They are substituting activities that have been canceled with activities people are doing in quarantine. If you have anything to submit to the yearbook, email Précis adviser Ms. Anna Griffin at [email protected]!