Stuck at home? Don’t just sit. Get fit. BurkeFit!


Video courtesy Jackson Prep

Coach Rusty Burke, on video from the Jackson Prep weight room, instructing members of the school community in an episode of BurkeFit

School is officially closed for the rest of the term and spring sports are canceled, but that’s no excuse for you not being in shape. Along with Prep starting remote learning, Coach Rusty Burke has been uploading fitness videos for people who can workout at home. “The purpose is to make kids want to exercise by making them able to do stuff at home.”

Coach Burke explained that Crisler Boone, the school’s Chief External Affairs Officer, and Director of Communication Ryan Sherman were the brains behind the idea to start Burke Fit videos. “The videos are focused on general fitness and can help with staying fit for sports, so it’s for anyone who wants to workout from home,” said Coach Burke. 

So far there have been fifteen videos uploaded in the series and there plans to make more throughout the summer, depending on how the pandemic plays out. 

the point is to show kids that they don’t need equipment to exercise

— Coach Rusty Burke

The videos are filmed at Prep in the weight rooms or on the football field. Coach Burke had modified the workouts to have three levels for people are given the opportunity to pick how challenging they want it to be. 

“The exercises I use in the videos are easy to master and come from boot camps, P.E. classes, and workout facilities; the point is to show kids that they don’t need equipment to exercise while using all the muscle groups at once. My favorite video I’ve done so far includes an exercise that involves me running with a backpack on that has a weight inside; it’s definitely the most creative one yet.”

Coach Burke has enjoyed making these videos but misses seeing the students at school. “It’s not the same as walking on campus and being able to coach. What I miss the most is not being able to see the kids who worked so hard during track season compete. “

If you want to check out Burke Fit videos check it out on Jackson Prep’s Twitter account or Facebook page.