Art by teachers on display in August

As school re-opens for the fall, the Mary Katharine Loyacono McCravey Gallery, located in the library, will feature work by six artists – including five teachers – who are members of the Jackson Prep community. The six artists are Ms. Addie Louis, Ms. Emily McClain, Dr. Lynn Miller, Dr. Luke Nealey, Ms. Lisa Shive, and Ms. Kathryn Shuff.

Paintings will include a variety of media including acrylic, oil, gouache, and watercolor. The show will also include digital art and pottery.  

Because of Covid restrictions, there will be no opening reception, but the work will be displayed throughout August. Works available for purchase will have prices indicated.  Parties interested in purchasing artwork should contact the artists.

“Sunshine After The Rain,” digital by Kathryn Stuff
“Venice,” acrylic by Lisa Shive
“Eternal and Transient,” acrylic by Lynn Miller
“Still the Roses,” acrylic by Emily McClain
“Come Sit,” gouache by Addie Louis