Reta Haire takes reins as principal of junior high

From Issue 1

As head of the junior high, Ms. Haire’s planning book is about to be full.

This year Ms. Reta Haire has taken on the role of head of the junior high, marking a new phase in a Prep career that spans decades. 

 Ms. Haire has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Mississippi College and received an administration certification from Delta State University in 2013. Ms. Susan Lindsay, former head of school at Jackson Prep, encouraged her to earn her administration certification several years ago, which made her the perfect candidate for the job. 

As head of the junior high, Ms. Haire said she plans to prioritize the students, their families, and their experience at Jackson Prep. 

Ms. Haire has been an asset to the Prep family for 34 years. From the classroom, where she taught computer, accounting, and other business-related classes to the junior high office, where she has most recently served as a counselor, she has made many connections with the faculty and staff.

One of the many things she has helped with in past years is the homecoming court. She and Ms. Suzanne Eskrigge encouraged the court and their escorts, gave them helpful tips, and planned the event. They taught the couples how to walk and shared stories of many homecomings over the years.  

Ms. Eskrigge said she greatly admires her colleague and shared that, “When I think of Ms. Haire, the qualities of a servant leader come to mind.  Her life has been a life of selfless service first to her personal family and then to her Jackson Prep family.  Having served Jackson Prep as a teacher first, she has walked the walk of the teacher-student relationship.”  

“She acknowledges how demanding our school is,” Eskrigge continued, “and sets high standards for our students all the while being their biggest cheerleader.  As she moved into her counseling years, she became a mentor to students and faculty alike. Her office became a safe-haven as she listened to both sides of the story helping all of us reach a common ground. Her type of leadership will empower students and teachers to be their best and to never give up.” 

Ms. Haire has been working alongside the previous head of the junior high, Ms. Powers, for many years and has learned a great deal from her mentorship. She will continue to amaze the Prep family with her work as head of the junior high.