Guidelines for football games, pep rallies announced

Like everything else in our current moment, football (and pep rallies) this fall will look a little different.

Prep Athletic Director Will Crosby sent an email this week that included the details of Prep’s first home football game on Friday, August 21, against Heritage. It will be restricted due to the Executive Order entered on August 14, and these restrictions will remain in place for extracurricular and athletic activities on campus until the order is changed or rescinded. 

Cheer, cheer, cheer…but don’t get too near. (Hannah Polk)

pectators will be able to attend the game by getting an admission pass from a student participating in the event. There will be two spectators for each student participating in the game on Friday, including band members, pacers, cheerleaders, and players. They will receive two admission passes to give to family or students, which will allow the spectator with the admission pass to buy a ticket to enter the game. If the student doesn’t use the passes, they can then be used to give to students, mainly seniors, through a lottery. 

Face coverings will be required during the entire length of indoor events. However, while at outdoor events masks should be used “when in transit to and from seats, in restrooms, in concession sales areas, and at all other times when it is not possible to maintain a minimum of six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household.” However, a minimum of six feet social distance will be required for spectators that are not from the same household. 

The Pep Rally for this week’s game will be on the football field on Friday at 9:15 a.m., and parents will be required to sit in the visitor stands. They won’t be allowed to interact with the students before, after, or during the Pep Rally, and are encouraged to leave immediately following the Pep Rally. Also, they will have to enter through the parking lot by the soccer and softball fields. 

All of these restrictions can change as the season progresses and the situation with COVID changes, but these are the current restrictions that will be in place for Friday’s game against Heritage.