New Staff Profile: Tara McDaniel

Born and raised in Mississippi, Tara McDaniel is one of the new smiling faces at Prep. Her office is in the Senior High Counseling Office which is where she assists the counselors. She loves to watch her children at their sports events in her free time. Chloe, a 7th grader, and Ford, a 10th grader, go to Jackson Prep.

Ms. Tara McDaniel

Ms. McDaniel has been in education for over 28 years. Before working at Prep, she was a dean at Jackson Academy and worked at Pearl Public School District. Growing up, she always had an interest in education. Her favorite part of working at school is helping others.

In Ms. McDaniel’s job is an administrative assistant, her day-to-day responsibilities consist of aiding any of the counselors and students asking anything regarding college or scheduling questions.

Ms. McDaniel loves to help people in any possible way, shape, or form whether it’s answering questions or assisting students. The best thing about working at Prep, in Ms. McDaniel’s opinion, are the people and the atmosphere.