Van Gogh spotted in Jackson?

The Wheat Field behind St. Paul’s Hospital, by St. Rémy by Vincent van Gough (1889) oil on canvas

On 380 S Lamar St, in Jackson are housed  some 5,000 works of art by some of Mississippi’s most renowned artists. But through January 10, 2021, they are joined by 74 works of art typically not seen by Mississippians. Works by Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Picasso, and many others are on display at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

The showing is from the 17th Presentation in the Annie Laurie Swaim Memorial Exhibition Series. This exhibition focuses on French sculptures and impressionist paintings. Impressionism has an emphasis on light, and small, thin, brush strokes on paintings.

One thing that surprises many visitors was the amount of remarkable paintings and the proportions of these paintings and statues. In particular, there was a work of art called, Tropical Landscape, that was researched prior to our visit. The scale of the painting is humongous compared to the photo on display on the website.

Some people may be truly surprised to see such renowned, prominent artists in Jackson. This is not only an inspiration, but an important opportunity for people to see works of art by artists that they might never have the chance to see again. Jackson residents interested in impressionist art should visit the Mississippi Museum of Art to see the true beauty of this artwork.