National Merit Semifinalists announced

From Issue 2


Prep released the list of National Merit Semifinalists, a prestigious group of seniors who did exceptionally well on the PSAT their junior year. This year’s award winners from Prep are John Henry Andress, Andrew Banks, Kimberly Blount, Liddy Hurst, Selby Ireland, Mason Nichols, Lauren Noe, Alex Roberson, Ty Usey, and Hunter Yelverton.

To be selected, students must have been in the top one percentile in Mississippi on the PSAT/NMSQT, or Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Each junior takes this test at Prep, and these ten students were the only ones to qualify. The reward for receiving this prestigious honor is national recognition that could lead to a scholarship.

These ten students will be invited to apply to become a National Merit Finalist and then National Merit Scholars, where they will receive the envied Merit Scholarship.

The recipients each had something to say.

John Henry Andress: “I am grateful for this opportunity and thankful for all my teachers who prepared me.”

Andrew Banks: “I may have gotten Natty Merit, but I still can’t pass a Calculus test.”

Kimberly Blount: “It’s an honor to be a national merit semifinalist. To be recognized on that level is amazing, especially since it’s been such an unusual year!”

Liddy Hurst: “I’m beyond thankful to Prep and my teachers for preparing me for opportunities for success with this honor and for my future.”

Selby Ireland: “I’m thankful to all my teachers who have helped me along the way.”

Mason Nichols: “I am so grateful that some of my hard work has paid off through receiving this award.”

Lauren Noe: “I truly believe God was with me when I took the test! I’m so thankful to receive this honor and for the 7 peppermints my mom gave me on the day we took the PSAT. I think they really helped!”

Alex Roberson: “I’m so thankful for this honor and especially for all the teachers who helped me along the way.”

Ty Usey: “I know that the College Board is supposed to be slow and annoying, but ten months to tell us who made a test cutoff is a little long even for them.”’

Hunter Yelverton: “Thank you to the College Board for letting me wear a suit to school.”