Mississippi to vote on new state flag

From Issue 2

On June 30, 2020, the state of Mississippi retired its flag after 126 years. The flag contained a Confederate emblem that has drawn controversy for years. Although Mississippi currently does not have a state flag, a new design featuring a magnolia flower will be up for a vote this November 3 on Election Day.

The opportunity of designing the new Mississippi flag was given to the public and nearly 3,000 designs were submitted.  The new flag was required to contain the motto, “In God We Trust.” A nine-member committee was chosen to choose a design out of the ones submitted. After a lengthy process, the committee narrowed the choices to five, then to two. 

  The runner up flag, the “Great River Flag” had 49% of the votes with 51,635 votes, while the winner, “New Magnolia Flag” received 51% of the votes with 51,674 by citizens voting online to influence the commission. On September 2, the legislature voted to send the New Magnolia Flag to the people for their approval.  

The flag has red borders with a center of blue with gold lines separating the colors. In the center, there is a magnolia flower surrounded by the words “In God We Trust.”  The flag also contains a yellow star to represent Mississippi’s Native American culture and history. 

Illustration by Kalyn Giesecke

The final decision on the chosen state flag will be made by the voters at the ballot box in November, and the flag will be either accepted or rejected.