The Yard brings sweetness to Flowood

In May 2017, Logan and Chelsa Green opened the first of many The Yard Milkshake Bars in their hometown of Gulf Shores Alabama; the insane desserts were such a big hit that they’ve opened ten franchises since then. The newest location is in Flowood, Mississippi.

The Yard has a hefty menu selections: ice cream, floats, sundaes, and edible cookie dough, but the most popular are the milkshakes.

The crazy milkshakes are made with “Premium Ice Cream,” and customers can pick a specialty milkshake or create their own with the variety of 28 ice cream flavors and 56 toppings. If you’re feeling indecisive then we recommend ordering a specialty milkshake; every Yard Milkshake Bar has a secret menu based on their location, so make sure to look up the Flowood one beforehand.

The specialty milkshakes are pretty steep at $14, so this might be a sweet spot to splurge on for special occasions.

Even with the milkshakes being a delicious treat, waiting in line for 2 hours does not make it worth it. It depends on what time you go, so I recommend staying away from the afternoons and evenings on the weekend. Hopefully the crowds will die down after The Yard has been here for a few months.