Small Business Spotlight: Nursery Rhymes

From Issue 2

This week’s small business spotlight is Nursery Rhymes, located in the District of Eastover. They are a children’s retail store that also provides baby registries for expecting mothers, and their goal is to dress children from newborn to 6 years old.

Co-owner Mary Jordan Lamar says, “Nursery Rhymes opened about 15 years ago, but my business partner, Janice Fulton, and I bought it 2 years ago.” When we asked her what inspired her to start her business she said that her business partner, Janice, owned another business called Hands In Clay, which required her to travel to make molds of children’s hands and feet. During the process of visiting different shops, she met the previous owners of Nursery Rhymes, who asked her if she would be interested in buying their store and the rest is history.

Mary Jordan Lamar says one of the most important factors that sets them apart from other businesses is that they “want to offer a special experience to mothers who need help in putting their registry items together. It is most of these mothers’ first time when they are registering, therefore, we want to tailor their wants and needs to their preference.” They also offer a variety of items and price points for those who come in to buy gifts. They strive to make every experience a positive one and establish relationships with people, which sets them apart from other chain stores and businesses.

Lamar says one of the most rewarding parts of her business is “seeing a store full of happy and satisfied customers who love the merchandise just as much as we do.”

The business is currently open from 10am-6pm, and are requiring customers and employees to wear masks in the store at all times due to the recent outbreak. This store is perfect for any expecting mother, and if you know of any soon to be mothers, we would highly suggest referring them to Nursery Rhymes, for their caring and nurturing environment sets them apart from large compa- nies.