Fiber arts club leads to a class

From Issue 3


The Jackson Prep Fiber Arts class is a roaring hit and has only been a class for two years. Fiber Arts was made because the students of the Fiber Arts Club wanted a class. The Fiber Arts Club is still active today and has gotten more attention in the last two years, because of the new class. 

This year the class started with embroidery and learned ten different stitches. The class just finished their embroidery lesson and is now learning how to crochet. They started making scarves and will move onto friendship bracelets after. Friday, September 4th, the class had a “Fun Friday,” and made pin cushions. Ms. Louis thought this would be a very beneficial project, so they can store their pins in these cushions for future projects. After crocheting, the course plans to move onto sewing pillows. The class will learn how to sew by hand and by a machine which is a great life skill. After the pillow making, Ms. Louis hopes for the class to make pajama pants and loom weavings. Ms. Louis has many more plans for the class, depending on time.

Alex Williams from the eighth grade class said, “The class is really fun and exciting. It feels like we learn new things every day and it teaches us fun and new things to do at home when we are bored or just needing something to do.” Libby Craddock from the tenth grade class said, “Fiber Arts is such a fun class. We learn new things all the time and it is a good break at the end of the day to have with friends.” 

Ms. Louis has loved all the positive feedback from the Fiber Arts Class.  She says, “Fiber arts have grown over the years and next semester there are two classes.” She loves teaching the student’s life skills through the arts and showing how they can have fun while doing it. She encourages the students to continue their projects at home and after they complete the class.