Enola Holmes steps out from her brother’s shadow in new movie


By Jane Hurst, Managing Editor

Enola Holmes, the title character, is the teenage sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. She has not had much communication with her older brothers throughout her life, as she lives with her mother, Eudoria. When Eudoria goes missing, the Holmes brothers return to help find their mother. Mycroft finds Enola’s manners disturbing, and he attempts to send her to an all-girls finishing school. She proceeds to run away from home, and she meets the young Lord Tewksbury, a fellow runaway.  Hijinks ensue when an assassin tracks down Lord Tewksbury. Then, Enola and Lord Tewksbury jump off of a moving train. They make their way to London, and Enola uses her sleuthing skills to help Lord Tewksbury and to find her mother.

Enola Holmes has a playful tone, and Enola consistently breaks the fourth wall to address the audience. It was slightly jarring the first time she did this. However, the stylistic choices made the movie feel less like an average period piece. The plot is not strictly linear, as it jumps between the present and before her mother’s disappearance. The Victorian costumes suited each character well. For example, Lord Tewksbury dresses elegant and polished, and Enola dresses more conventionally and laid-back. 

Enola Holmes has some exceptional performances. Millie Bobby Brown portrays Enola in a way that is sympathetic and imperfect. Enola’s character flaws made her less perfect, which made her feel less far away from the average teenager. Henry Cavill is an unconventional Sherlock Holmes, as he usually plays more action-oriented characters, but he does well portraying him as a wise older brother. Sam Claflin portrays Mycroft as stubborn and pretentious. This compliments Sherlock and makes for some comedic moments. Lord Tewksbury, portrayed by Louis Partridge has an excellent storyline and acts as the sidekick to Enola. 

Enola Holmes is a fun light-hearted mystery that I recommend to anyone. It has family, friendship, comedy, mystery, and action. You can watch Enola Holmes on Netflix.