OPINION: Does listening to “Mario Kart” music help students efficiently work on homework?

    Going remote for the past two weeks has led to a lot of free time and procrastinating about homework. A recent trend on social media has been listening to  music from video game series Mario Kart to increase someone’s ability to focus on studying and getting work done. 

    People claim that the reason this music works is because it has a fast, upbeat tempo, which can increase productivity; it also brings back the memory in many students of hastily trying to finish a race in the game. This is the perfect feeling students need when working hard to complete an assignment.   Everyone has different ways to get work done, but this method was guaranteed to work according to  millions of anonymous people on the internet, so I decided to test it out myself.

    The most popular theme song was called “Coconut Mall,” but I found a playlist on Apple Music filled with multiple Mario Kart soundtracks and listened to them all while I did some homework. I was shocked with the results, I finished three homework assignments in less than 30 minutes. I’ve never completed so much work that quickly; the only thing I could not focus on was studying for a quiz because I kept getting distracted by the movement of the music.

    I have found that, for me,  Mario Kart music does help me work faster when I need to get through  homework assignments as quickly as possible. I recommend you should conduct this fun experiment on yourself, and see if it works for you as well as it worked for me.

Mario and his lover, Princess Peach, focus on winning a friendly race against each other. The energetic music in the background helps both racers go faster than ever before.