OPINION: No, America is not doomed

This past election, millions of people came out and voted, which, no matter what your political leanings are, should be considered a good thing. Right now, the mainstream media has declared a winner in the presidential race, Joe Biden.

For those who are not familiar with the United States Constitution, news organizations do not decide the winner of any election. There are still legal challenges to be settled, some of which President Trump has a serious shot at winning, such as the effort to overturn the Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s unconstitutional and unilateral decision to extend the deadline that mail-in ballots can be accepted. Who could have ever predicted that universal mail-in voting could lead to uncertainty and court fights?

It is laughable that the people who pushed the Russian collusion hoax and said that the election was rigged against Hillary Clinton in 2016 are now against transparency in our elections. Letting poll watchers fulfill their right to oversee votes being counted should not be partisan because it ensures that the American people can have confidence in the results of the election, whether it goes their way or not.

Senators Perdue and Loeffler (R-GA)’s runoff races could decide control of the United States Senate.

Let the lawsuits, recounts, and audits take place, and no matter who wins, keep your head up high. President Trump has diversified the Republican Party base, tremendously helped down ballot candidates, and shifted how the party views issues, such as pre-existing conditions and endless wars, for the better.

We cannot forget the historic achievements of the Trump administration: the USMCA, the hundreds of miles of border wall, the numerous Middle Eastern peace deals, the decimation of ISIS, the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Space Force, the most inclusive economy ever, major criminal justice reform, three constitutionalist Supreme Court appointments, the fastest development of a vaccine in history, and the largest tax cut in our country’s history, just to name a few. President Trump has been the most successful president since Reagan, and that is why, win or lose, I will continue to support him and wear my MAGA hat with pride.

President Trump has built a movement bigger than himself, and it will not stop, no matter who is in the White House. President Trump was different than every other person in Washington and actually got results, and now, we have learned to not tolerate those who just spew empty rhetoric. President Trump was not changed by the swamp; the swamp was changed by President Trump.

Now that the Democrats view Joe Biden as the president-elect, they have begun to call for unity. Did they forget the past four years? Did the violent rioting, the creation of the so-called “resistance,” the over 90% negative news coverage of President Trump, the constant harassment of Trump supporters, the big tech censorship, and the constant accusations of racism never happen? Now, we can unite under the one who said that Republicans would put black people “back in chains?” No, thanks.

Meanwhile, President Trump said “We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God.” He made every effort to unify, while he was relentlessly misrepresented and attacked in every direction. He gave up his luxurious lifestyle to be berated daily. He taught us to stand up for our country, not apologize for it; to defend what we believe in, not bend a knee to the mob; and to persevere when the odds are against you, not give up.

Even if Joe Biden does eventually win, America will still be the greatest, most free, most powerful, most compassionate, most just, and most fair country in the history of the world. That does not change based on which party or person is in charge. There is a difference between insincere unity and patriotism. We will not threaten to flee the country if Joe Biden is president; we will not burn down buildings. Instead, we will continue to stand for our flag and national anthem, treat the office of the presidency with respect, and push back against the government overreach that Biden and the left have promised.

The best way now to preserve our freedoms is to do whatever you can to help Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler win in their runoff elections in Georgia. If they lose and Joe Biden prevails, say hello to an expanded Supreme Court, a massive tax hike, socialized healthcare, and an end to energy independence. The Senate is on the line; America is on the line.

As we go through uncharted territory, I encourage you to keep President Trump’s words in mind because they are more true than ever before: “Treat the word ‘impossible’ as nothing more than motivation. Relish the opportunity to be an outsider… because it’s the outsiders who change the world and who make a real and lasting difference. The more a broken system tells you that you’re wrong, the more certain that you should be that you must keep pushing ahead, you must keep pushing forward.”

Thank you, President Trump, for sacrificing your image, your wealth, and your business empire to be called names, constantly attacked and maligned, betrayed by those who were closest to you, and undermined at every turn just to fight for the forgotten men and women of America. You have done more for our country than anyone in recent memory, and nothing can change that.