Précis Pageant 2020

From Issue 5


Lily Flowers

Luke Runnels and William McHenry, both beaux in the pageant, performed together.

Jeffrey Ince and Abbey Mangum were declared most handsome and most beautiful. (Photo courtesy of Hubert Worley)

On Monday, December 7, Précis held their annual pageant to honor students, especially seniors of the class of 2021. The night began with the Beauties and Beaux, who were introduced by the emcees, Précis’ own Owen Lundberg, Abbie Mask, Mallory Reedy, and Bradley Stafford.

Silver Bells, the pageant’s theme, was reflected with the night’s first performance by Tori Johnston and Bradley Stafford who sang the titular song by Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. The pageant featured performances by several more seniors. Lilly Noble sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. Vocalist Luke Runnels and guitarist William McHenry jointly performed “Everybody’s Gotta Live” by Love. And Alex Roberson played his arrangement of “Only in Sleep” by Eriks Esenvalds on the piano.

Between each performance, a few of the student-selected winners of “Senior Superlatives” and class favorites were announced.

John Henry Andress and Tori Johnston were announced as Mr. and Miss Jackson Prep. (Photo courtesy of Hubert Worley)

Most artistic were Hayden Mathis and Carlie Gleason. Most school spirited were Cass Rutledge and Rosy Ruffin. Most artistic were Thaxton Berch and Olivia Sasser. Most charming were Jack Baker and Dylan Freeman. Friendliest were Dax Murphy and Sarah Herring. Wittiest were Ethan Aldridge and Victoria Chough. Most talented were Bradley Stafford and Tatum Henry. Most versatile were Alex Roberson and Lauren Noe. Most likely to succeed were Mason Nichols and Liddy Hurst. Most intellectual were Selby Ireland and Kimberly Blount.

The misters and misses of each grade were announced along with the superlatives. Mister and Miss Sophomore Class were Maddox Noe and Anders Morgan. Mister and Miss Junior Class were Ben Futvoye and Evelyn Thorton. Mister and Miss Senior Class were Mills Murphy and Aubrey Scott Moak.

After all of the performance and awards, Jeffrey Ince and Abbey Mangum were declared the most handsome and most beautiful seniors respectively. To close out the night, John Henry Andress and Tori Johnston were announced as Mr. and Miss Jackson Prep.

Mister and Miss Senior Class: Mills Murphy and Aubrey Scott Moak. (Photo courtesy of Hubert Worley)

The Précis Pageant is a great way for seniors to reminisce on their high school years and be recognized for achievements that may otherwise go unnoticed. None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of the entire Précis staff and its sponsor Ms. Anna Griffin. The Sentry is proud of its sister publication.


Mr. Jackson Prep: John Henry Andress

Miss Jackson Prep: Tori Johnston

Mr. Senior Class: Mills Murphy

Miss Senior Class: Aubrey Scott Moak

Mr. Junior Class: Ben Futvoye

Miss Junior Class: Evelyn Thorton

Mr. Sophomore Class: Maddox Noe

Miss Sophomore Class: Anders Morgan

Most Handsome: Jeffrey Ince

Most Beautiful: Abbey Mangum

Most Artistic: Hayden Mathis & Carlie Gleason

Most School Spirited: Cass Rutledge & Rosy Ruffin

Most Athletic: Thaxton Berch & Olivia Sasser

Most Charming: Jack Baker & Dylan Freeman

Friendliest: Dax Murphy & Sarah Herring

Wittiest: Ethan Aldridge & Victoria Chough

Most Talented: Bradley Stafford & Tatum Henry

Most Versatile: Alex Roberson & Lauren Noe

Most Likely to Succeed Mason Nichols & Liddy Hurst

Most Intellectual: Selby Ireland & Kimberly Blount


Ben Atkinson

Andrew Banks

Jane Gray Barbour

Bella Brumfield

Rebecca Burrow

Kayleigh Canoy

Camp Carter

Hawthorne Cleveland

Madeleine Conerly

Ruth Emmerich

Luke Ferguson

Lily Flowers

John Garraway

Tanner Gough

Dylan Harrigill

Drew Laird

Lilly Noble

Eliza Mazzaferro

Graham Speed

Hunter Yelverton


Anna Leigh Allen

Ann Parker Baldwin

Sayley Crawford

Emma Liddell

Mara Liston

Abbey Mangum

Victoria Nowell

Aubrey Taylor



Michael Causey

Seth Cook

Jeffrey Ince

Matt Jones

Clark Kellum

William McHenry

Luke Runnels

Preston Speed