What’s the Hype with Riley Green?

Though he is not as widely known as Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs, rising star Riley Green is one of the hottest artists out of the south. Born in Jacksonville, Alabama, Green grew up close to his friends and family. He played baseball, basketball, and football for his high school team, and even went on to be the star quarterback of his hometown Jacksonville State Gamecocks. Green enjoyed music with his grand ds throughout his childhood, but slowly began to make a career out of it while in college. He grew up very close with his family, they have all managed to stay close together throughout the years. Green still has a house in his hometown, just 10 minutes away from his family. Both of his grandfathers, Buford Green and Lendon Bonds have heavily influenced his music career. His hit “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” was written about them, and Riley even listed both of them as co-writers on the track for their heavy role in his life. When he is not on the stage, Riley can often be found in the woods across the country with his friends. As an avid outdoorsman, he has managed to get some of the best looking buck racks in the nation along with his numerous big catches off the coast of Alabama.

Riley poses with a buck that he killed while hunting with his dad in Mississippi. Photo via Riley Green’s Instagram.

He began playing his music at various bars in his hometown and soon put out several songs. While performing at Flora-Bama bar, Green was approached by a CMT (Country Music Television) employee who picked him up for the tv show Redneck Island. Green accepted the invitation with hopes that this small stage might get his name out there to the country music scene of Nashville. Following his time on the show, Green later put out his first EP to the public, Bury Me in Dixie, in 2018. Though he had written and performed numerous songs for his bar performances, this new release did not take long to become a success.

Within 2018, Green alone released three EP’s (Bury Me In Dixie, Riley Green EP, and Outlaws Like Us) and two singles (“Runnin’ With An Angel” and “Georgia Time”). What launched Riley into the spotlight was his hit “I Wish Grandpas Never Died”. After reaching the spotlight, he continued to play at various bars around the south. He recently tagged along as the opening act for Jason Aldean on his “We Back Tour”. He can often be heard singing covers of many country music classics such as “In Color” by Jamey Johnson and “Dixieland Delight” by Alabama.

Green released his first studio album in September of 2019 with many of his hits. Different ‘Round Here showcased “There Was This Girl”, “Get That Man A Beer” and “Same Old Song” along with many other of his hits. He was named as The Academy of Country Music’s New Male Artist of the Year for 2020. Following his most recent release of If It Wasn’t For Trucks in September of 2020, Green keeps growing and catching many more fans with every release. As with nearly every other country artist during quarantine, he has played numerous unreleased songs for his Instagram audience including his unreleased hits “They Don’t Make Them Like That No More”, “Ain’t Like I Can Hide It”, and “Mississippi Or Me”. 

With his one of a kind voice and great personality, Green will continue to grow as a country star as he keeps pumping out new music for his loyal fans.