Appreciation: The art and craft of crochet


Darby McCoy and one of her crocheting works

In Appreciations, staff members of The Sentry share information and insights about something they have come to value.

Crocheting has been taking up most of my time lately. It’s a very unique hobby mainly because it’s not typically done by teenage girls. I learned to crochet during my fixed carrier, Fiber Arts. When I signed up for Fiber Arts, I never realized or expected to enjoy the class so much. We learn such a wide variety of art techniques and methods, and so far, crocheting has been my favorite one. Ms. Addie Louis taught us how to crochet around two months ago, and I have loved it ever since. 

For her class, we have some out of school projects, so I have been crocheting at least twice a week for the past two months. It is such a fun thing to do when I’m stressed out, bored, or simply don’t want to do my homework. I never thought I would enjoy crocheting or find a hobby out of Fiber Arts, but I am thrilled that I have. I have made many scarves and blankets using this technique, and I plan to make many more. 

Along with myself, there are many other teachers and students who also have a love for crocheting. For example, ninth grader Darby McCoy has had an interest in crocheting since she was ten years old. Darby said, “My grandmother taught me how to crochet and sew at a young age, and I have loved it ever since. This sparked my interest in Fiber Arts, where I have continued to learn more techniques and methods. I have made a wide range of projects using this technique, such as pillows, blankets, scarves, and even clothing.”

One teacher who is part of the crocheting community is Ms. Amy Wiandt. Ms. Wiandt has recently picked up crocheting after admiring her mother’s work as a child. Ms. Wiandt states, “I’ve always enjoyed watching my mom crochet throughout the years, but she lives too far away to teach me. Because of this, Ms. Lewis has been coaching me for a couple of months. I am hoping to complete my first project soon, and I’m looking forward to making projects for my friends and family.”