Crazy national holidays

From Issue 6

It’s always a national day of some kind, so enjoy! (Graphic by Olivia Smith)

Every year many people celebrate well known holidays like New Years, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, but there are also so many holidays people don’t even know about. Some of these holidays are super silly and weird like National Backward day which is on January 31st. Almost everyday there is some type of wacky holiday that can be celebrated. 

Some silly holidays are January 14th Dress your Pet Day, March 4th Grammar Day, and January 27th is Chocolate Cake Day. You can celebrate your pet day by dressing your pet up or be a little extra by having matching outfits with your dog. Grammar Day you can celebrate by understanding and reading about grammar.  Chocolate cake day can be commemorated by indulging in chocolate cake. 

Most of these holidays are not official because they are not approved by the federal government, but this doesn’t mean that these holidays can’t be celebrated. Congress has to approve the holidays to make them official. Out of respect during federal holidays, schools and businesses can be closed. 

The most well-known silly and unusual holiday calendar is on a website that is called the National Day Calendar. They track almost 1,500 holidays, and their research team uncovers origins for each of these holidays. Not only can you find out holidays, but you can register to make a holiday too. This website also provides national weeks/months, and they show international holidays too! By celebrating these holidays, you can bring a little bit of fun to your day.