Renaissance Malco reopened for moviegoers

From Issue 6:


The Malco at Renaissance in Ridgeland

Recently, I went to the fairly new Malco Grandview theatre in the Renaissance to watch Wonder Woman 1984. It wasn’t the first time I’ve gone to the theatre, but I hadn’t been since before the Covid shutdown and wasn’t really sure if much had changed. While the theatre closed temporarily in March, along with all the other Malco Theatre locations, they were able to reopen in early June, some time before the Madison Malco did. Just before the reopening, President and COO David Tashie said on his Facebook page that “We have been diligently working on implementing new measures and protocols to ensure the safety of our guests and employees, and we cannot wait for everyone to enjoy a night out experiencing movies on the big screen again.” While things can’t be the same, Malco has done a good job of ensuring that everyone still gets a good experience. The first films in theatres after their reopen were pre-coronavirus releases, but now they are showing brand new films again, such as Wonder Woman 1984.

Located at the back of the complex, a beautiful fountain sits in front of the entrance to the theatre with stone interior, a grass area, and railings all around. The main doors to the theatre are located to the right of the fountain, with connecting buildings all around it. You can also see the tall Butler snow building directly behind the fountain. Each hour of the evening, there is a special song/water show. This consists of the water moving to the coordinated music, with fun lights and loud sound effects. Make sure to check out this feature if you attend the theatre for a movie!

There are also great restaurant options available near the theatre if you plan on eating before or after you attend a movie. Zea’s, Basils, and Smoothie King are the closest to the theatre, but Panera, Starbucks, Biaggi’s, Another Broken Egg, Five Guys, Kate, and Local 463 are all walking distance from the theatre as well. Just a few minutes of driving distance away from the Theatre is Township, which also has a great selection of restaurants such as Sombra, Newks, and Soulshine Pizza. If you’re not wanting to eat at a restaurant before or after your movie, the theatre provides a menu of food you can order directly from your seat. In addition to this service, the traditional popcorn/drinks/candy are provided at the front of the theatre.