Trends of TikTok

From Issue 7


TikTok, one of the most popular apps right now, has taken over the social media industry for the past two years. In general, the app has affected most users’ daily lives. With creators posting hacks, must haves, tutorials, or simply just dancing, TikTok has created so many trends within the app in so little time. Popular creators with a large following have the power to make dances, products, and clothes go viral. Seeing the influence these popular creators have over the general public, many companies, large and small, have taken to getting the influencers to sponsor their brands. 

TikTok has curated a For You Page (FYP), this page displays to the users videos that may interest them. For example, Rachel Rutledge a 10th grader, is on a very mixed side of TikTok meaning most of the videos on her FYP differs. Constantly on her FYP is healthy lifestyle inspiration, food, and funny videos. Being on different sides of TikTok allows users to try new trends, buy new things, or dance to the new song. 

The fastest and cheapest trends are doing the short TikTok dances like dancing to “Renegade”, “Savage”, or “Say So”. These dances are about 15 seconds long with some being harder than others. One of the most popular “dancers’’ on TikTok is Charli D’amelio. Almost every single video of hers has four million likes.

Not all the trends are just dancing, some creators make videos about products that are a “life – saver” or “ must have”. This has put quite a dent in users wallets. Examples are LED lights, The Ordinary anti-aging serum, CeraVe face wash, Aerie leggings, Shein bathing suits. People have different opinions about whether these products are worth it or not. Mollie Mozingo, a Jackson Prep student user on Tiktok, said, “On TikTok I saw these fun LED lights, and my friends had them too, so I decided to buy them for my room.” After buying the lights, she agreed that these were a great purchase and totally worth it. 

During quarantine in March, whipped coffee became the craze. With everyone being home, many people were showing how they made it. It is made by stirring instant coffee, sugar, and warm water and would be served with ice and milk. Another food trend is Gigi Hadid’s pasta; many people, mostly being fans, have vouched that this is “the best pasta.” 

Vine and Musically, dead social media platforms, were similar to TikTok’s format, but they did not survive for more than a few years. TikTok may not be around for much longer, but it already has made a big impact on the many lives that are on the app.