Bookends starts new chapter

From Issue 7


Bookends is a mentorship program where seniors are paired up with sixth graders; the purpose is to strengthen the bond between the two grades that are entering Prep and graduating. 

As the year wraps up, Seniors have the opportunity to share their advice to the sixth graders about their experience at Prep through Bookends. 

Covid- 19 has caused programs and extracurricular activities to be a tad differemt. By having Bookends, the seniors are given a tradition that will remain with them forever. 

This year the student-initiated project is led by Lilly Noble and Lauren Noe, so far they’ve planned a Halloween and Valentine’s Day themed meeting for each group; currently the next event is scheduled to happen in March. The duo brainstorms ideas for the next Bookends gathering before deciding on a date. 

During these get-togethers, each group participates in fun activities, such as wrapping one another in toilet paper like mummies and having a balloon popping contest. Lauren says her favorite part is being able to see relationships form in groups as they enjoy hanging out with each other. “I think it’s important to the sixth graders and seniors because it’s a time for them to have fun but also an opportunity to make new friends.”