Students make the best of their Spring Break

From Issue 8

Seniors Dylan Freeman, Mallory Reedy, and Emma Liddell drive to the beach. ( Photo courtesy of Mallory Reedy)

Marking one year since COVID-19 lockdowns and remote learning, students this year have resumed normal Spring Break activities. 

The members of Jackson Prep’s senior high show choir, Reveillon, traveled to Universal in Orlando, many Prep students attended First Presbyterian Church’s annual beach spring break retreat, some had their own “staycations,” and others organized their own beach or mountain holidays. 

Junior Hali Hollman goes scuba diving. (Photo courtesy of Hali Hollman)

Junior Hali Hollman went with her friend and fellow junior Avery Overby to Honduras, where they went scuba diving. Hollman said the following about her experience. “I went to Roatan, Honduras, the best scuba diving in the world, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen.”

Senior Mallory Reedy “went to the beach with [fellow seniors] Dylan [Freeman] and Emma [Liddell] and got killed by sand.”

Junior Walker Headley “had a great time fishing in Belize” and was very successful in doing so.

Junior Walker Headley goes fishing in Belize. (Photo courtesy of Walker Headley)