Sal & Mookie’s arriving at The District this spring

From Issue 8


John Henry Andress

This blank canvas will soon be the new Sal & Mookie’s.

Sal & Mookie’s will be joining the businesses in the District at Eastover in a location that has seen two turnovers in recent years. First, Cantina Laredo occupied that building, followed by Sophomore Spanish Club. Both were Mexican restaurants, but they will soon be replaced by an Italian restaurant that is known for its pizza and ice cream, which will be showcased in an ice cream parlor in the center of the restaurant that gives out free samples. 

They are expected to open their doors in early April 2021, and it is only a location change for the restaurant. They will not be keeping the location in Fondren open anymore, a location that they have held for the past fourteen years. Their locations in Madison and Biloxi, however, will remain open. It will now be one of three dining options offered at The District. Fine & Dandy offers burgers, shakes, and other snacks, while Cultivation offers an array of different options from different vendors, such as pizza, crepes, and coffee. The addition of Sal & Mookie’s will provide a greater assortment of dining options for customers within the District. 

Chef Dan Blumenthal states that “We love what we do and are thrilled that so many Mississippians enjoy the creative take on classic New York pizza that we offer. Jeff and I are excited to be taking our concept to the next level. We think The District at Eastover will be a hit with our customers not only here in Jackson, but throughout the metro area!”

This new location will be more convenient for the many customers in the metro area, and The District will most likely benefit from the newest addition that has the potential to attract a new group of customers to their location, which can always supplement the surrounding businesses as well.