Food Fanatics: Santa Fe Grill

From Issue 9


Delish quesadilla with a side of rice. Photo Credits from Hannah Polk

Looking for a new modern Mexican restaurant near you? If so, then the Santa Fe Grill is just the place for you. Locally owned, they offer a wide variety of foods and are located in Jackson, MS. They opened in January 2020 and have been successful ever since, even throughout COVD-19. 

Walking in, we immediately felt welcomed by the homey feel from the place; the decor gave a modern southwestern vibe. A kind waitress took our temperature and seated us. Thirsty, we ordered a large strawberry lemonade and a Coke. The waiters were courteous and fulfilled our requests with ease. To our surprise, the mug of lemonade mixed with fresh strawberry puree was a lot more refreshing than we originally thought.  Before ordering our lunch, we decided on a small queso dip. The complimentary tortilla chips tasted yummy, especially dipped in the queso. The large menu made it hard to decide what we wanted as it featured burgers, pasta, seafood, steaks, and Mexican cuisine. 

We finally settled for the Special Cancun (rice, chicken, queso, seasoned and sauteed carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower), a steak quesadilla (with bell peppers and onions) which both came with a side of rice, and the Happy Plate (steak and/or chicken on a bed of rice with queso). Lastly, we finished off with a dish of Mexican fried ice cream, which included fried ice cream in a sweet crepe, topped with cool whip, chocolate syrup, honey, and sprinkles. It was absolutely delicious. We walked out full and satisfied with a promise to return.