New Teacher Profile: Taylor Charles


Evans Reynolds

Coach Charles gives pointers to Prep swimmers.

This school year, Jackson Prep has added a new program, competitive swimming, to its athletic roster as well as a new head coach, Coach Taylor Charles. 

Coach Charles, a Nashville native, has been interested in both math and science since a young age. With those subjects in mind he achieved his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Alabama and studied for a master’s degree in biomedical sciences at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. 

Coach Charles now teaches Anatomy and Physiology at Prep as well as Computer Sciences and Coding Comp. 

Coach Charles is very passionate about his subject area, saying, “Education and medicine have always been my life’s goal.” Charles showed great ambition and determination for his new students by wanting to further his education to PhD or even an MD-PhD to deliver the best education. 

Charles also believes that his subject area is of great importance. In his words, “Human Anatomy applies to everybody, that you are never not learning about something that isn’t directly involved in your life.” 

Coach Charles has loved teaching at Prep so far. Although his days do run together, Charles strides to deliver the best form of teaching to his students from a very approachable standpoint when it comes to learning human anatomy. 

While learning about sciences at Alabama, Coach Charles both trained and competed under an athletic scholarship to Alabama’s Swim and Dive program. With that being said, Coach Charles brings a competitive swimming program to Prep along with his extensive knowledge of the sport. Prep has always had the sport of swimming, but it was presented as a one-day meet or season. Now Coach Charles has helped the MAIS to achieve a swimming season like any other sports we have on campus. The two-time Olympic Trials athlete states his hopes for the new swim team saying, “I want Jackson Prep to be the premiere school and program for the sport of swimming, both on a state and regional level. We definitely have the potential to be.” Coach Charles also hopes for his team’s standard of competition to be both on the state and national level. He plans to carry on Jackson Prep’s 46-time championship history in the sport of swimming. 

Since the beginning of school Coach Charles has made many waves throughout the halls of Guyton hoping to inspire students through sciences. From the start Coach Charles stated that, “The Jackson Prep atmosphere feels like a family and that is something so great to be a part of.”